the joy of decks

DJ decksIt took me a few years but on Saturday night I finally fulfilled a long-term, if loosely-held, ambition: I DJ’d at a friend’s flat party.

Now I know my mixing was haphazard at best and my track selection nonsensical to all but myself, but I genuinely believe I have found my new favourite pastime. My destiny, perhaps.

It was a small-scale party in a modestly-sized living room. No-one else besides my friend and I appeared until ten o’clock and at its peak the ‘crowd’ numbered a meagre nine good souls. There were no pills, no security and no strobe effects involved. But this was the perfect, homely environment in which my fledgling DJ skills could take root without fear of angry recriminations for playing an AC/DC-Billy Joel mashup or for that 30 seconds of silence during which I had to make a lager-replenishment dash to the fridge.

But despite my mistakes, I feel I can now relate in some small way to The Chemical Brothers, DJ Shadow, 2manyDJs or any other turntablist extraordinaires you care to mention. I get it, you see.

When you play Johnny Cash people nod their appreciation but continue chatting away, engrossed in their silly little conversations. But then you drop something like ‘Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough’, you watch those bums leave sofas and you think, ‘I did that.’ You get to take all the credit. Hell, you might as well have recorded the song.

So that’s it, I must purchase my own decks. I have already convinced myself that such an investment would be eminently sound.

“Ah yes but vinyl collection before decks must come,” as Yoda (not the DJ) was once quoted as saying. I could just raid the old man’s shelves for some dog-eared dad-rock ‘classics’. But if I want a collection that doesn’t stop resolutely in 1976 I may have to splash some cash.

So charity shops here I come. Get your tastelessly-covered, long-forgotten, under-appreciated 45s out and let’s be having them…



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4 responses to “the joy of decks

  1. kels

    ah my dear nick. bravo bravo bravo!!! you indeed can say ‘i did that’. i have a video to prove that you did that. ‘Dont stop til ya get enough’ was the backdrop to a disco inferno. It was a moment. A moment we couldnt possibly forget, even if I were to delete (which i wont) that priceless and perfect 3 or 4 minutes in time. you, might i add, had some pretty fun(ny) moves yourself there, DJ Jazzier than Jeff. ahh. how much fun was that!!! I’m glad youve been inspired. I’ll bring over some of my own gems once youre all squared away so as to let the audience assume it is you with this impressive selection. some advice some fellow collectors may give you, son, is this: one word-ebay.

  2. nick

    i had no idea there was recording going on! yikes. yeah i need time to build my collection, so i will pilfer off you in the meantime. so far my stash amounts to one: sly & the family stone’s ‘there’s a riot goin on’. not a bad start mind.

  3. kels

    for the stash to amount to two, i’m sure billy would be willing to give you one of the TWO copies he owns of that lionel richie record. yep. let hell break loose.

  4. Bilbo

    the whole point in a blog is to update nickolai; UPDATE!!!!!!!

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