Randan Discotheque – I Am the Singer You Are the Song

* * * 

(Fife Kills)



The most basic conceit of folk, rock or pop music is the combination of voice and guitar. It’s a conceit that naturally places emphasis on words over music, and has fanned the lyrical fire of anyone from Woody Guthrie to Elliot Smith. But recently, many artists we understand as singer-songwriters, such as Sufjan Stevens or Bright Eyes, have gone for a much bigger, orchestral sound. But Craig Coulthard, the Scot behind Randan Discotheque, has reacted against the notions of immaculate production and string sections with an album of pared-down, lyrically dextrous songs. Coulthard is most interested in matters of the heart (and of the libido) but his pen also castigates the futility of war (Sheets and Scrolls of Paper) and the tabloid press (New Art Sensation). The album’s integrity is a welcome change from the throwaway verses of the ‘LDN set’, but you feel that Coulthard’s plain voice could benefit from just a little more musical complexity.






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