The Royal We – ‘The Royal We’

* * * * 

(Geographic Records)

Since they first hit the new music radar last year, The Royal We have kept us waiting like royal subjects for this eponymous debut album. Though calling it an ‘album’ is pushing it: clocking in at just over twenty minutes, it’s shorter than some EPs. But as The Royal We are practitioners of the short, sweet pop song, they squeeze eight of them into this short running time. No matter the scope of their first opus, the quality is there in abundance. The cosmopolitan, Glasgow-based sextet mix violin and tinny electric guitar to ingenious effect, and in true postmodern spirit plagiarise a plethora of styles from riot grrrl on the brilliant All the Rage to New York new wave on French Legality. Like Franz Ferdinand before them, The Royal We remind us of pop’s artistic potential. The latest descendents of Glasgow’s intelligent-pop lineage could easily become a cult phenomenon.

Released 29 October


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