Super Furry Animals, Barrowlands, 18 Oct

* * *

Welsh Britpop survivors turned psychadelic cult favourites Super Furry Animals should be perfectly suited to the semi-intimate, kitschy warmth of the Barrowlands. Although it’s far from a capacity crowd, the compact tribe of fans give the band an equally warm welcome. But while tracks like Juxtapozed With U and Zoom! sound as deliciously acid-fried as ever, the live exposition of new LP Hey Venus! is decidedly hit and miss. To add to this (or subtract), Gruff Rhys reveals that the band missed their ferry from Belfast and had to leave their brass players behind in the rush to Glasgow. Nowhere is this lack more apparent than the trumpet-less Northern Lites.

But it’s impossible to feel aggrieved when confronted with Britain’s closest equivelant to Wayne Coyne and a back catalogue of sublime off-kilter pop which could have supplied a three-night residency without repetition. In a rare hint of their usual flamboyance, Rhys returns from a 5-minute interval in a red space helmet. And when he starts singing the intro to crowd-pleaser-par-excellence The Man Don’t Give A Fuck, well, a missing brass section? No-one gives a fuck.

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