Untitled Musical Project – ‘Untitled Musical Project’


* * *

They win the prize for the most unimaginative band name ever, but Untitled Musical Project are not a group who have much time for imagination anyway. They barely have time for their own songs, thrashing out eight of them in this debut 18-minute mini-album. The Brummie band make unreconstructed, dishevelled yet urgent punk. Refreshingly, this is utterly pretension-free; no fake accents or fake angst here, just unabashed noise-making. Comparisons with Idlewild’s early Captain EP or Nirvana’s Bleach album arise in songs like The A Minor Pentatonic Scale or the cheekily titled I May Not Be Jimi Hendrix But At Least I’m Still Alive. Untitled Musical Project may not be guitar legends but they’re most certainly alive and they demand to be heard.

Released Nov 5

Untitled Musical Project’s MySpace


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