LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver (best of 2007 review)

* * * *


As renowned producer and DFA boss it was inevitable that James Murphy would emerge from behind the mixing desk as his reputation grew, and so LCD Soundsystem began life with 2005’s self-titled debut LP. But as much as that record sounded so infectiously hip, it lacked much in the way of emotional complexity – all party, no comedown. This year Sound of Silver remedied the deficiency and then some, with a new lyrical self-awareness and honesty planted squarely behind all the cowbells and throbbing synths. Of course it’s hugely derivative, but that’s perfectly forgivable when it’s measured reinvention – not imitation – of Murphy’s New York-dwelling heroes, from the Steve Reich minimalism of All My Friends to the Talking Heads electro-pop finesse of Someone Great. (It is a testament to the former song’s instant canonisation that it has been covered by John Cale and Franz Ferdinand already.) The pace only falters on the much-derided final track where Murphy’s fascination with his hometown stretches that bit too far towards self-indulgence. But this doesn’t lessen the plain fact that Murphy has now recorded a soundtrack to life, not just the dancefloor.


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