The Kills – Midnight Boom

The Kills - Midnight Boom

On album three, American/English girl/boy duo The Kills add literal meaning to the garage rock genre: opener U.R.A. Fever sounds like it was made in a scrapyard, seemingly taking its rhythmic cue from metallic clunks and ratchet whizzing. This abrasive edge pervades an album that sticks with their elementary, dissonant blues engine, but accepts added combustibility via the input of Spank Rock producer Armani XXXchange. His smooth loops bolt down tracks like Sour Cherry, Getting Song and the pop-friendly Cheap and Cheerful, where Jamie Hince’s basic programming would have previously lacked such pulse. But The Kills haven’t lost their ear for a guttural riff, and What New York Used To Be is driven by a snarling, cut-up guitar and Alison Mosshart’s demure vocals. Midnight Boom is no great leap from Keep On Your Mean Side or No Wow, but it’s proof that this allegedly platonic couple have lost none of their carnal musical chemistry.

Midnight Boom is released on 10 Mar
The Kills play Oran Mor, Glasgow on 16 Apr


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