Paul Haig – Go Out Tonight

Paul Haig - Go Out Tonight

* * *

To coincide with his first live shows in 19 years, former Josef K singer Paul Haig releases his tenth – yes, tenth – solo album. And whereas his Josef K persona was all giddy angst and jitterbug freak, Go Out Tonight – while it skirts with paranoia – is the product of a more contented, better fed, middle-aged man. Haig has long since broadened his scope beyond brittle, boney post-punk in favour of meaty basslines, string segments and a surprisingly danceable formula. But while there is a veneer of sheen, it is still the work of a songwriter, not a producer, and is oddly reminiscent of Heathen, David Bowie’s own late-career return to form. In a largely upbeat album, ‘Believe’ is one of the few minor-key songs, which makes it a standout in more ways than one, while ‘Trouble Maker’ and ‘Data Retro’ are more in keeping with the theme of the title. A decent return, but the overly slick production tends to neutralise some of Haig’s artistic charisma.

Go Out Tonight is released on 14 Apr via Rhythm of Life

Catch Mr Haig’s long-awaited comeback live at:
Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh on 13 Apr
King Tut’s, Glasgow on 4 May
Tigerfest @ Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline on 18 May


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