The Mae Shi @ Cabaret Voltaire, 18 May

The Mae Shi @ Cab Vol

Talking Heads and Pavement comparisons are ten-a-penny in the blogosphere, and Edinburgh’s Jesus H Foxx must be getting sick of ’em; if it wasn’t for the fact that they’ve clearly paid close attention to both indie supergroups. But the Foxx also have a madcap, unhinged sound that is all their own, and surfaces in the nervy post-punk of Tightt Ideas and This Is Not A Rentalcar.

You haven’t really experienced unhinged spazz-rock until you’ve seen The Mae Shi, however. The Los Angeles band, known for their warpspeed prog insanity and ludicrously compressed mixtapes, are a torrent of joyous, offbeat energy. They stumble from cheap-sounding toy keyboard beats to shredding power-punk riffs to whispered incantations and handclaps. At one point the guitarist unfurls a white sheet over the heads of the audience, for no reason other than the act itself, before they rip into their most normal song to date, Run To Your Grave. They leave the Cab Vol crowd shaken, confused, and just a wee bit happier than before.

(Gig review for The Skinny)


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