Errors – It’s not something but it is like whatever

Rating: ****

With the daft, verbose album title, Errors are presumably launching a pre-emptive strike at the music journalists who will try to categorise their sound in the coming weeks and months. The point being that the Glasgow band are too disparate for the old name-that-genre ploy. Sure, they’re electro, but they’re also post-rock, math rock, acid house… Moving on swiftly, we find that Errors have developed the basic, glitchy elements of their early 7” singles and EP into a cohesive album of instrumental electronica. The influence of their employer, Mogwai, looms large – almost too large – in the minimalist, adagio guitar lines, but when they break into a Battles-like jerk-frenzy on Toes they reveal yet another side to their sound. Oxford solo artist George Pringle adds her mellow spoken-word to Cutlery Drawer; a welcome dose of the human in a brilliantly synthetic album.

Released on 9 June through Rock Action


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  1. nice info. preview mp3 at my blog

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