‘Rain down, rain down…’ – Radiohead @ Glasgow Green, 27 Jun

The 'eco-friendly' Radiohead lightshow

Everything was conspiring against me enjoying Radiohead last night.

1. We arrived too late to see support act Bat For Lashes.

2. Touts (evil scum that they are) were selling tickets outside for a tenner, tickets we’d paid £40 for.

3. The bar queue was ridiculous: no beer.

4. It rained almost continually – that especially wet, West Coast, pishy rain.

5. There was a high percentage of fucking idiots amongst the fans. The type of fuckers who barge past you to the front and then again when they want to take a piss during a song they don’t know.

6. The mood was hardly one of festival camaraderie: we saw three ‘square-gos’ come to nothing within a few feet of where we were standing.


Radiohead were predictably awesome; awesome enough to render all of the above irrelevant. I was standing too far back to be able to block out all the elbowing numpties completely, but songs like Nude, Reckoner, Paranoid Android, Karma Police, Just, Bodysnatchers (etc, etc) added weight to the argument that Radiohead may just be the best live band in the world.

7. The train back to Edinburgh was overcrowded and half an hour late.

Here are a couple more really bad photos…

You can just about make them out in this one

Not bad for low energy lightbulbs



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6 responses to “‘Rain down, rain down…’ – Radiohead @ Glasgow Green, 27 Jun

  1. DeekoH

    If you go to :


    You’ll find some really bad MP3’s to go with your pictures!!

    Yr point (5) for me also – these tosses talk shite loudly during pretty much the whole set apart from the the one song they half know. I even overheard one guy on the phone to his mate, didn’t even know the band’s name. Duh.

  2. I agree with points 3, 4 and 5. Didn’t see any of number 6, but was tempted to have a go myself because of the folks beside us!

    And you’re right, Radiohead just might be the best live band in the world. I sure was happy to see them.

  3. Nick

    I guess there’s always the danger that the gig was gonna be overrun with people who just wanted to get drunk on a Friday night and sing along to the one or two songs they know. Maybe if it had been at a venue with more limited tickets (SECC or Barrowland?) the proportion of true fans might have been more. Anyway, who cares, like I said, Radiohead were awesome.

  4. aidan

    i felt that after waiting 6 hours to get to the front and putting up with the insane guy who barged infront of us and started trieng to pick fights etc. that the style of bat for lashes (the whole quite moody rock thing) just didnt cut it. they bored me awful and i did talk through most of there set. appologies to those i may have upset. However by the time radiohead came on all these things didnt matter. well worth the wait. i wouldnt put up with what i had to for any other band. and there did seem to be alot of usavory types. neds. amoungst the crowd. Why?

  5. Geribu

    Don’t be so elitist – The band aint!

  6. URnotMYfellowDJ

    Did anyone hear Yorke at the very beginning of the gig, when he first walked up to the mike say:
    “It’s going to get dark soon, (really dark)”?

    Likwise, at the very end of the 25 set piece, I heard Colin firmly reply: “That’s enough” to certain requests for ‘More’ from my section of the crowd.

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