Ratatat @ Cabaret Voltaire, 1 Aug

Ratatat @ Cabaret Voltaire, photographed by myself

Rating: 4/5

A post-gig Google of the name of the support act I’ve been provided with (Dead Boy Robotics anyone?) returns no MySpace, but maybe it’s better that this emo-tronica duo remain anonymous. Their oh-so-ironic yelping and synth-prodding wankery is head-splitting to say the least.

So how especially welcome it is to see the professionals arrive on stage in the skinny, excessively hairy forms of Brooklyn trio Ratatat. A tightly crammed Cab Vol crowd is soon nodding as one in appreciation of the thumping drum loops and outlandish guitar solos, and the excited reaction reaches a peak in the awesome ‘Lex’. Ratatat really are a band who belie their electronica tag in a live setting, and even unassuming tracks from the recent LP3 like ‘Mi Viejo’ and ‘Bird Priest’ are transformed into propulsive, hypnotic attention-grabbers, thanks largely to Mike Stroud’s singular slide guitar.

A tired two-song encore is probably unnecessary, but – to be fair – if they hadn’t appeased the baying one-more-tune mob, the euphoria may have soured.


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