March in singles: Dutch soul anyone?

Animal Collective

This month’s round-up includes Mancunian rock, weird folk and… Dutch soul. But is any of it any good?

With bands like M83 and School of Seven Bells being hyped to the rafters, it looks like the lush dream-pop that Ladytron have been plying for years is suddenly the indie zeitgeist. And Tomorrow (****, 2 Mar) is a typically sultry number, revealing the Liverpudlians at the height of their powers. Contrast that with Micachu & The Shapes, who sound like practically nothing you’ve ever heard. Twenty-one-year-old Londoner Mica Levi revels in off-key tinkering, unidentified found sounds and extreme brevity, on the evidence of the 79 seconds of Lips (***, 16 Mar).

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