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Coldplay are so dull they cause sleep, officially

Chris Martin after singing himself to sleep

Newspaper and website editors were finally able to publish a headline today that until now has been just a cynical complaint of the tasteful minority: ‘Coldplay sends you to sleep‘.

Yes, Chris Martin and his fellow bland members have been voted number one in a poll of 2,248 Britons who were asked what music sends them to sleep, by the internationally respected research body and provider of cheap hotel rooms, Travelodge.

Other high-ranking bores included James Blunt, Snow Patrol, Take That and Norah Jones.

Granted, this news is about as surprising as ‘sleeping pills make you sleep’, given the above artists’ lack of edge.

But the depressing thing is that this list could also be a list of the highest selling artists of today.

I’m off to bed with a cup of cocoa and a Rage Against the Machine album…

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