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Catching up with Flight of the Conchords

Flight of the ConchordsYeah, you’re probably thinking I’m oh-so-behind-the-pack by only now blogging about New Zealand-in-New York musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords. Fair enough. The first season of their sitcom premiered on American TV in 2006, and they were even nominated for the Perrier Award at the festival of my hometown, Edinburgh, in 2003.

So it’s inexcusable that I’m only now joining their no doubt uber-cool fanbase. But anyway, I got the Season One DVD boxset for my Christmas, watched the first six episodes, and I confirm that it is very, very funny. It does take a while to ‘get it’, and there’s more than a little suspicion that they’ve seen the Mighty Boosh a few too many times, but it still feels quite original, and how can you not like a sitcom about two clueless indie blokes set in New York, who burst into spontaneous, insincere love songs at the drop of a hat?

Season Two starts on January 18  on HBO and the online premiere is available on Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die website – for Americans only unfortunately. But what do I care? I’ve still got the rest of Season One to enjoy. In the meantime, are you ‘into it’…?

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In breakfast cereal news: Honey Monster rips off Boosh, Tony the Tiger turns up in Tibet

Honey Monster rips off Boosh, Tony the Tiger sent to Tibet

Adverts for cereal don’t usually have much effect on me. Of course, it’s all about keeping the brand there in our subsconsiousness, not about teaching us anything we don’t already know about the sound Rice Crispies make when you pour milk on them. They snap, crackle and pop, I presume?

Anyway, I’m a Tesco fruit ‘n’ fibre creature of habit, and the Kellog’s and Nestle ad campaigns won’t change that.  So it was unusual that not one but two new adverts for cereal actually caught the attention this week.

First up, the Honey Monster of Sugar Puffs fame blatantly rips off The Mighty Boosh’s humourous ‘crimp’-style singing without any reference to Messrs Fielding and Barratt. The advert was presumably meant to be funny in an alternative kind of way, but the joke is lost when you’ve seen it elsewhere. And the joke was also lost on The Mighty Boosh, who are now talking of legal action.

Someone’s already taken the trouble to combine the plagiarist version with the source material on YouTube…

Then, only a week or two after reports of 80 civilians dying during protests against Chinese rule trickled from the media-blackout enforced on Tibet, Tony the Tiger, the grrrrrrrreat promotional figurehead of Kellog’s Frosties, appeared – bizarrely – in a Tibet themed cartoon commercial. Blind ignorance, bad taste, or just one of those strange quirks of life?


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