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‘Rain down, rain down…’ – Radiohead @ Glasgow Green, 27 Jun

The 'eco-friendly' Radiohead lightshow

Everything was conspiring against me enjoying Radiohead last night.

1. We arrived too late to see support act Bat For Lashes.

2. Touts (evil scum that they are) were selling tickets outside for a tenner, tickets we’d paid £40 for.

3. The bar queue was ridiculous: no beer.

4. It rained almost continually – that especially wet, West Coast, pishy rain.

5. There was a high percentage of fucking idiots amongst the fans. The type of fuckers who barge past you to the front and then again when they want to take a piss during a song they don’t know.

6. The mood was hardly one of festival camaraderie: we saw three ‘square-gos’ come to nothing within a few feet of where we were standing.


Radiohead were predictably awesome; awesome enough to render all of the above irrelevant. I was standing too far back to be able to block out all the elbowing numpties completely, but songs like Nude, Reckoner, Paranoid Android, Karma Police, Just, Bodysnatchers (etc, etc) added weight to the argument that Radiohead may just be the best live band in the world.

7. The train back to Edinburgh was overcrowded and half an hour late.

Here are a couple more really bad photos…

You can just about make them out in this one

Not bad for low energy lightbulbs


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New song from Radiohead… well, Thom Yorke anyway

Geeks might know ‘Super Collider’ as “an environment and programming language originally released in 1996 by James McCartney for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition”, but, to the rest of us, it’s the title of the new Radiohead song, currently receiving its premiere on their world tour.

Here’s a video, recorded by some over-enthusiastic fans in Dublin.

It sounds fairly simple, compared to a lot of In Rainbows, but still has that emotive power that Radiohead seem to harness so effortlessly.


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