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New album from the The Knife! (well, Fever Ray to be precise)

Fever Ray

Swedish brother-sister electronica duo The Knife announced in 2006 that they would take a three-year hiatus from music making. So if my arithmetic is correct, 2009 is the year of the elusive act’s comeback.

That comeback hasn’t technically materialised yet, but fans can at
least take solace in Fever Ray, the next best thing.

Officially, this is just Karin Dreijer Andersson, the sister half of
the band, but it could quite easily be a new Knife album. The dark,
almost nightmarish mood that pervaded most of Silent Shout
continues without stylistic interruption, while Andersson possesses a
voice as instantly recognisable as Björk‘s.

The video for her first single, If I Had A Heart, in which Andersson
is once more obscured by a mask, is a weird, symbolic affair, with
shades of David Lynch about it.

As for The Knife, apparently they’ve agreed to compose the music for
an opera marking the anniversary of Darwin’s Origin of the
, which may push any studio album still further back. But
in the meantime, a reminder of their brilliance.


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